Licensure and Certification

The primary purpose of licensure or certification is to protect the public. Licensing requirements are imposed to ensure that those licensed possess knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) in sufficient degree to perform important occupational activities safely and effectively. The purpose of certification is to provide the public with a dependable mechanism for identifying practitioners who have met particular standards.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA)

NAFHAC's Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the Rehab Consultant lists all of the tasks a Rehab Consultant may perform, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) required to do these tasks. NAFHAC Rehab Consultant Exam assesses the KSA required to perform a competent rehab consultation. The content domain covered by NAFHAC's Rehab Consultant Exam is clearly defined and explained in terms of the Rehab Consultant 's competence.

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

The NAFHAC Online Rehab Consultant Exam was developed using a blueprint based on the NAFHAC Rehab consultation training program and the Guide for Rehab Consultants Rel 3.
In relation to validity, NAFHAC’s Exam measures what it claims to measure. The Rehab Consultant Job Task Analysis (JTA) catalogs the key tasks a Consultant performs to complete a given job and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) the Consultant should possess to perform those tasks adequately. NAFHAC uses the JTA and KSA to develop and administrate curricula and course content for training and assessment (quiz, test, and exam) purposes. This analysis is also fundamental to the development, structure and administration of NAFHAC Rehab Consultant Certification Program and the Online Rehab Consultant Exam. We are working to achieve approval by U S Department of Housing and Urban Development.
In relation to reliability, reliability is one of the most important elements of test quality. It has to do with the consistency, or reproducibility, or an examinee's performance on the test. For example, if you were to administer a test with high reliability to an examinee on two occasions, you would be very likely to reach the same conclusions about the examinee's performance both times. Exam reliability stats and pass/fail rates are available at

In relation to fairness, the fairness of an exam refers to its freedom from any kind of bias. The exam is appropriate for all qualified examinees irrespective of race, religion, gender, or age. NAFHAC’s Exam is fair.

How do I prepare for the exam?

After taking the Online Consultant Examination, the system will inform you of your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you did not do well on the exam in plumbing, the exam system will inform you of that weakness. In order to do better on the exam (and the exam can be taken again), visit NAFHAC's Free Consultant Training and Education and complete courses related to the areas where you are weak. All of NAFHAC's online training and education are free for members.

What is the purpose of the NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination?

NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination's main purpose is to serve as NAFHAC's entrance exam.

How much does it cost to take the NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination?

The examination is free. You can take the free online exam now from the comfort of your own home at no charge. It is graded instantly online. Passing this exam IN NO WAY CERTIFIES YOU AS AN HUD CONSULTANT or a NAFHAC CERTIFIED CONSULTANT. The NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination is one of many NAFHAC Membership requirements. Refer to the HUD Requirements.

Do I have to be a member of NAFHAC to take the free online examination?

No. Anyone can take the exam. Passing the exam is an entrance requirement to join NAFHAC. You can take the free online exam now, from the comfort of your own home at no charge. It is graded instantly online.

What if I fail?

Don't worry. If you fail the exam, a graphic of your results will appear and will help you get a sense of what areas need your attention. Because NAFHAC doesn't charge for any of its online exams, you can study a bit more and simply come back and try again.
If you fail and you are already an NAFHAC member, you might want to take advantage of NAFHAC's members-only online education (
If you fail and you’re not a member of NAFHAC, you may want to consider a candidate membership to receive access to all of NAFHAC's online education for a small monthly or yearly fee. As a candidate, you can learn at your own pace, and when you’re ready, you take the exam and become certified (for no additional charge) after fulfilling the NAFHAC / HUD approval requirements.

What if I pass?

Passing this exam IN NO WAY CERTIFIES YOU AS AN CONSULTANT. The NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination is NOT A REQUIREMENT TO BE LISTED ON THE HUD ROSTER. Certification requirements are listed at

How many times can I take it?

You can take the free exam as many times as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like. It is different every time. Mathematically there are billions of versions of the NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination.
There is no harm in failing our online exam and you can take it as often as you like. It will reveal where you are weak and what to study. If you simply can't pass, we recommend participating in the 5 Day Get 203k Certified Challenge (On Demand Course).

How many questions do I have to answer to pass?

The exam consists of 30 questions with an extra credit question worth 2 points. Passing grade is 80% or 24 correct answers (or 22 plus the extra credit).

Is the NAFHAC Online Consultant Examination a timed test?

No, you have all the time you need to complete the exam.

I understand that the exam contains some very easy questions and some very difficult questions. Why?

Some questions may appear too easy or too difficult. That is because there are questions on this examination that are used by NAFHAC to monitor overall knowledge of the industry.

Are the questions true/false or multiple-choice?

Both true/false and multiple-choice questions are used.

Should I skip a question if I don't know the answer?

No. It is statistically better for you to guess than skip, so we have made it impossible to go on to the next question until you pick an answer. Always choose the best answer out of the options given, even if two or more answers seem correct. If you see a question that could be improved or you think is in error, please write it down and contact NAFHAC once you have finished the examination.

How did NAFHAC determine the passing score of 80%?

NAFHAC used several reasonable methods to come up with this passing score. It is interesting to note that one of the methods used for setting the passing score, a version of the Modified Angoff Technique, determined the passing rate should be set at 71%. That score in our view, represents an average or even somewhat less then average grade of knowledge of a subject. We determined that our goal to provide competency is best met if we strive for our members to be better then “average”.

Can't someone just keep taking the exam until they pass?

Our statistics show that immediate-repeat exam takers fare no better over time. NAFHAC has numerous examples of the exam being taken sequentially by the same exam taker without marked improvement. Some exam takers have tried as many as 15 times in the course of one day without establishing a correlation between success and number of attempts. Post-exam interviews show improvement can only come with study between attempts.

Is it an open-book examination?

Yes. You may use notes and books. Our exam is challenging, even though it is open book.

What will I need to take the exam?

Nothing except a reliable Internet connection. if your connection fails or if your computer crashes during the test. In the case of a connection failure, you should be able to re-connect and continue from where you stopped. If you cannot, don't worry, because NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination is completely free, and you can re-take it whenever you wish.

I only have a dial-up modem and an older browser. Can I still take NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?

The exam is built with the latest server-side technology for increased security, but implements widely compatible client-side technology so that almost anyone with a web browser (new or outdated) can use the system. The system is built with a 56k dial-up modem in mind: If an examinee's connection is lost mid-exam, he/she can simply reconnect and start where they left off. The system also uses optimized, low-resolution graphics for faster page loading.

Why is NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination a useful learning tool?

Each question is categorized and cross-categorized. Many questions fall into more than one category. This provides the basis for a narrative and quantitative evaluation post-completion, so that the examinee knows what needs improvement whether they passed the exam or not.

What if I fail NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?

Don't worry. Failing the exam will help you learn what you should study to become a Consultant. The exam is free and you can take it as often as you like. You can take the free online exam now, from the comfort of your own home at no charge. It is graded instantly online. If you simply can't pass, we recommend that you take one of the FREE courses available thru the NAFHAC 203k In a Box System.

Is my individual score kept confidential?

Yes. Your privacy and the security of your personal information are very important to us at NAFHAC. This information is kept confidential, and individual scores are revealed only to the exam taker. Scores do not appear on certificates. We only use cookies to identify you during the exam. We do not collect personally identifiable information on our website unless you choose to give it to us. Even if you choose to give us information, we keep it confidential. We do not sell mailing lists or release your information to anyone outside our organization. We only use the information you give us to fill your order, to honor your request, to determine your apparent need, to provide information you desire, or to improve the quality of your experience on our site. You can be sure that your personal privacy and trust are always safeguarded.

What if I pass NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?

Great! Passing the exam fulfills one of the requirements needed to join the National Association of FHA Certified Rehab Consultants. Read our Membership requirements. But feel free to take it just to uncover your weaknesses.

Why must NAFHAC members pass this exam every three years? Isn't once enough?

No. Once is not enough. Our industry changes over time and our exam is a living document that keeps up with changes in the industry. Associations that permit members to maintain their membership without passing an exam every few years or so are... suspect. Read our Membership requirements.

What if I barely pass NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?

Don't worry. Passing is passing. Your score is computed and revealed to you at the end of the exam. However, your score is not reflected on your certificate. There is no reason to keep taking the exam in order to try to achieve a higher score, unless, of course, you find it fun!

I have taken several different rehab consultation exams. Why does NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination feel easier than other exams?

NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination feels easier for several reasons:
It is free, so there is no financial pressure to pass.
You can take it from the comfort of your own home.
You can take it again and again (it is different every time).
There are no irrelevant questions (found in other similar exams).

Does NAFHAC accept any other exams as alternatives to NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?


How much does it cost to take NAFHAC's Online Consultant Examination?

The examination is free. You can take the free online exam now, from the comfort of your own home at no charge. It is graded instantly online. Good luck!