10 Ways to Promote June’s National Homeownership Month with Social Media

Social media is where many people — including prospective home buyers and current home owners — are spending time these days. Communications channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more provide a wide-reaching, cost-effective opportunity to promote special events such as June’s National Homeownership Month.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use your social media sites to connect with Lenders, Realtors, non- profit housing counseling agencies and other advocates. Be sure to tag each one and use hashtags on all posts.  Ask them to help spread the word about June’s National Homeownership Month.
  2. Ask your Facebook fans to post on your wall why they think homeownership is great, why they bought a house or to post pictures of their home you helped them with your services.
  3. Post on your business Facebook page pictures of clients you serve in June in front of their prospective new home (remember to tag the client and ask them to like you and the post)
  4. Blog (write LinkedIn articles) about the benefits of homeownership and/or rehabbing (making new again) an existing home, or invite a few recent home owners you have assisted to be “guest bloggers” and write about why they love their homes. Some good sites where you can launch your own blog include WordPress and Blogger.
    • To create an article in LinkedIn is even easier and can be more visible to prospects and referral partners.
  5. Create Facebook/Instagram or Twitter posts or create a photo album on your company’s website with descriptions before and after rehab projects or green building/renovation practices.
  6. Create a local Instagram photo competition! Encourage people to take photos of what homeownership means to them and tag with a branded hashtag you create.
  7. Work with a Real Estate Agent (and hopefully a mortgage lender) to organize a “tweet-up” at a few open houses. This is a special event that is spread through the social media vine, so always prepare for more people than you might expect. These should be more than just a regular open house, but also a social event where people can mingle and talk about why they want to buy a house. Post the time and place on your Twitter and Facebook accounts and blog, and encourage people to spread the word through social media. Make sure the event is worthy — have food, nametags, a raffle or speaker and of course, a WiFi connection.
  8. Use the sample social media posts that NAFHAC will be providing numerous times during the month to promote June’s Homeownership month or edit them to create your own posts. Feel free to re-post messages seen on NAFHAC’s Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts.
  1. Add the NAFHAC Twitter feed to your website. This feed is updated regularly with new information and messages. Enter “NAFHAC203k” into the username box, customize the settings to your liking and paste the code into your website.
  1. Use the hashtag #HomeownershipMonth in June. Tag us on social media so we can see what you’re doing with @NAFHAC203k

NAFHAC will use social media to promote the benefits of homeownership throughout June, and you can repost our facts and messages to your own social media network. Feel free to use NAFHAC’s social media resources to enhance your own online presence:

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  1.  Build Pinterest board in which people can select pictures of houses or interiors they like and tag them with a tag you create.
  2. Develop a virtual tour of niche communities in your area, using a slideshow or video and post on Facebook or YouTube.