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Recent Skill Building Call

Creative use of rehab loans

May 2022

Starting a Project

Tools and Tips For Using Genesis

April 2022

Setting up project/working with loan officer/real estate agent

July 2021

The Differences Between Purchase And Refinance Rehab Loans

June 2021

File Management, Organization, And Role-Playing

May 2021

Systems to Enhance Genesis Usage

April 2021

“Starting From Scratch” – Setting up a Genesis Account

March 2021

Tips on How to Start a Project and Marketing Ideas

January 2021

Preparing For Initial Appointment/Consultation

February 2020

Starting A Rehab Project

January 2020

A Review of Setting up Your ISN Lender, Contractor, Agreements, And Order Types

December 2019

The Rule of 4 – Description of Items – Setting up your Genesis Project for SUCCESS!!!

July 2019

Genesis Software and ISN how they work together. With Special Guest: Tony Lanzilotta on ISN

June 2019

Rehab Loan Myths!!

December 2020

Preliminary WWU/Feasibility

Creating a Write-up With An Unusable Contractor Bid

September 2021

Roll Back Features and How to Create an EASILY Editable PWWU

August 2021

How to make add/make changes in categories in Genesis.

October 2020

MPS reporting and how to transition from it to a Preliminary Work Write Up Report

October 2019

The Roll Of The Preliminary Work Write U


August 2019

Using Category Description to reduce time writing reports

February 2019

Architectural Plans- what they are, what type you need, and how to use them!

January 2019

Completing the PWWU working from contractor bid and /or another consultant’s write up

August 2018

STRAIGHT TO WWU… when, why and why NOT!

May 2018

How to leverage the Preliminary WWU (aka Feasibility Study)

January 2018 

Contractor Bidding/Management

The Process Of Getting Contractor Bids

January 2022

Working with multiple contractors in Genesis

October 2021

How to Fire a Contractor From a Project

February 2021

Work Write Up Preparation

June 2020

Transitioning from Preliminary Work Write Up through contractor bidding

April 2020

Updates/Modifications and Interesting issues, situations, and the process when changing contractors

April 2019

Contractors- bidding and draw processing using Genesis

May 2019

What to do when the contractor has NO tech skills (and perhaps NOT even a computer)!

November 2018

Working with multiple contractors in Genesis

March 2018

Work Write Up/Closing

Finalizing Work Write Up

July 2020

Using the new Genesis upgrades – processing lender advancements

October 2018

Draws/Changes/Post Close

203K Change Order Processing

March 2022

203k Final Draw Process

February 2022

Working with lender overlays with the least amount of stress

November 2021

First Draw Setup – Back Office Perspective

August 2020

Rolling Back after starting draws

September 2018

Using the Master Summary of Fund and other Items on the Report Dashboard

September 2019

Reviewing cash flow of a 203k

June 2018

Discussion of contingency reserve usage

April 2018

Post Close Processing Of Payment Advances

September 2020


Creative Use of Rehab Loans

May 2022

How to Profit With FHA Minimum Property Standards Evaluations

December 2021

Tips on How to Start a Project and Marketing Ideas

January 2021

Marketing with MPS Tools

November 2020

Discussing features you need to take advantage of now, including Dropbox and member’s web page

November 2019

Topic: EEM mortgages and working them into 203k loans

December 2018